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Preserve those precious memories

With our special bridal care service

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Specialist care and attention

Making sure your wedding dress is restored to perfection

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Cleaned & restored

Expert care for the most special dress you will ever own



Your wedding dress may be one of the most special dresses you ever own. So much hope and joy caught up in those numerous fitting sessions; so much expectation stitched in with the beads and the tulle.

And then after one magical day, the dress is wrapped up and stored away in a box to be re-discovered one day, maybe by your own daughter or grandaughter.

Make sure your wedding dress retains its magic with the our Special Bridal Care Service, we know how special your wedding dress is to you and we treat every garment with the same fanatical attention to detail, our bridal gown technicians are passionate about their work and their results speak for themselves.

We can clean, preserve and restore your valuable bridal gown, giving it the specialist care and attention it deserves. Our technicians work on bridal gowns every day and are familiar with the ever changing fabrics and finishes used by today's top designers and those of the past. It's this unique expertise gained over decades that sets us apart and provides you with peace of mind that your bridal gown will be returned to you expertly cleaned. Once cleaned, it will undergo inspection before packaging in an heirloom, acid free box ( if requested) that will preserve your special gown for many years to come.

All wedding gowns are priced on an individual basis. Call us now for a quotation.


Precious, magical. Granada Dry Cleaners can help preserve those memories with its specialist garment service.