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Clean, fresh & germ free

Extending the life of your children's clothes

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Your children's garments are in expert hands

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Making children's clothes last longer



Nobody leads a more active life than a child. Whilst they're having their fun, their clothes are being pushed to the limits, and that's why children's garments need extraordinary care when it comes to dry cleaning. 

The modern fabrics used to manufacture children's clothes today often need to be washed at temperatures below 60 degrees, meaning that bacteria is not completely removed from the fabric. No parent wants their child to catch the dreaded bugs that tend to go around schools, which is why sanitised washing is so important. Such washing removes all bacteria with the use of ozone fabric treatment. Every children's garment that enters Granada Dry Cleaners is washed and/or dry cleaned using our top of the range ozone fabric treatment. As well as removing bacteria, this treatment eliminates odours, too. 

We guarantee that you won't find this level of attention to detail anywhere else. 

As parents, you're bound to spend a lot of money on clothes for your children. By choosing to have them washed and dry cleaned at Granada Dry Cleaners, you're choosing to put your children's clothes in expert hands. We promise that your children'sgarments will only be treated with the safest cleaning solutions, and all the original colours and textures of the fabric will be retained, so they will look as good as they did on the day you bought them!

Granada Dry Cleaners is on hand to help keep your children’s clothes clean, fresh and germ free.