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Pristine condition

All duvets treated in our Ozone room

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Fresh, clean duvets

Keep your bedding crisp and sanitised



Crisp, fluffy and clean. Exactly how duvets should be.

Duvets should be crisp, clean and lovely to sleep under - with our specialist duvet cleaning service, they are returned baby soft; in most cases, as clean as the day they were purchased.

Did you know that because of their moisture and heat content, duvets and indeed pillows, create ideal habitats for bed bugs and dust mites which in turn leave behind bacteria - so it’s vital that your duvets are cleaned and sanitised regularly.

At Granada Dry Cleaners all duvets are treated in our Ozone room - this is a service you simply won't find at an ordinary laundry or dry cleaners. Ozone kills all bacteria and removes smells and Odour. Your duvet will be returned in pristine condition and we recommend you clean your duvet at the end of each season before you put it away.

At Granada Dry Cleaners, all duvets are returned in a purpose-made breathable bag ready to be stored away.

Fresh, fluffy, soft dreams.
That’s what you get when Granada Dry Cleaners professionally cleans your duvet.