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Eliminate mould, bacteria and odours

Caused by flooding

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Flood Damaged Garments

Restored by experts

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Eliminate Odours

with our ozone treatment


Fire and Flood Damaged Garments

If you are struck by the tragedy of fire or water damage Granada Dry Cleaners with many years experience can help.

We know this is a devastating experience, and we understand the tragic and unexpected loss of use of your personal items. After a fire or flood you may feel as though your life has been turned upside down so it is important you entrust your items to a company with specialist experience in this type of work as correct procedures can make a big difference to the restoration success rate.

The technology for restoring garments with a smoke or water damage situation has increased ten-fold in the past five years.

All of our smoke and water damaged garments are pretreated, cleaned and then cleaned again if necessary.

You deserve the chance to restore your garments at a cost that is affordable to the insurance company.

Call us to arrange for free pickup and delivery if you have a large smoke or water damaged incident.

Our aim is to provide a professional and personal service with which you will be 100% satisfied.

Please contact us for more information.

Smoke and water damaged garments restored by experts