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Hand-cleaned lining

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Professionally cleaned handbags

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Fantastic results

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We don't just apply our fantastic expertise to clothing, we are professionals when it comes to cleaning handbags too. 

Every time you take your bag or purse out, you're exposing it to the wear and tear of everyday life. Whether it's a spillage or dye transfer, Granada Dry Cleaners have seen it all. 

All our handbag cleaning is done by hand, and the process involves a great big dose of skill, experience and patience. Of course, cleaning techniques vary depending on the type and quality of material but you have our word that we will pay meticulous attention to detail during the entire process. 

Procedures may include the following:

• Individual stain removal
• Hand clean outer surfaces
• Hand clean lining
• Hand clean strap and hardware
• Dye rejuvenation (if applicable)
• Steam finishing
• Stain repellant (if desired)
• Packaging (a breathable storage bag is included with every order)

You'll never have to replace a Louis Vuitton again with Granada Dry Cleaners' excellent handbag cleaning service. 

<style="text-align: center;"="">Never replace a designer handbag again.

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