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An alternative way to control odours

No masking or covering up

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A permanent end to odours

No other odour killer is more powerful

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Expert stain removal solutions

For furniture as well as garments


Ozone Fabric Treatment

Granada Dry Cleaners' ozone cleaning service is a brilliant system which treats any fabrics and clothing that have been damaged by fungus, mould, bacteria, allergens, fire damage, odours, viruses and other volatile organic compounds. This service will not shrink your garments, and also avoids issues such as colour fading.

At the hands of our experienced and dedicated dry cleaning professionals, this state of the art ozone faculty is able to achieve amazing results on all damaged fabrics. 

If you're worried that your textiles or clothing are unsuitable for this level of treatment, don't worry. Using expert dry cleaning and restoration techniques, all your garments and furniture can be restored. Rather than just masking odours, our ozone treatment puts a permanent end to them. 

Our ozone fabric treatment is not a perfume or a masking agent, and no other odour killer is more powerful. We can guarantee that no residue will remain as we do not use any chemicals during the process. 


Free Ozone Treatment for children's clothes

These days, most children's clothes can only be washed at temperatures below 60 degrees, and this often is not enough to kill bacteria. At Granada Dry Cleaners, our ozone treatment is suitable for all children's garments. We are currently the only dry cleaners that offer this amazing service for free when you have your children's clothing laundered by us. We set the standard, not follow it. 

We don't just treat clothing with our ozone treatment facilities. For many items of furniture, washing and dry cleaning is not an easy option. However, we will not only treat these household items but also provide expert stain removal solutions, as well as odour and bacteria removal techniques. 

If you'd like to discuss this service in further detail, give us a call - we'd be happy to hear from you. 

Helping to remove smoke damage and odours, thats Granada Dry Cleaners' brilliant ozone service.

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