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The perfect shirt

Wrinkle-free & hand finished with a professional touch

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Attention to detail

Separating us from other shirt services



Granada Dry Cleaners offers a flawless, hand-finished shirt service that is guaranteed to be perfect, every time. 

Using softened water and exclusive detergents, all shirts are washed at low temperatures after having the cuffs and collars gently scrubbed by hand. We also use the very best optical brighteners to bring out the colours of your shirt without shrinkage. At your request we can use natural starch rather than synthetic products. Natural starch prevents build up and ensures that the starch can be washed away at any time.

After the dry cleaning process is over, we hang all shirts with fitted shoulder supports to maintain that freshly ironed finish, as well as clipping the sleeves together at the front of the shirt.

It is this sparkling attention to detail that separate Granada Dry Cleaners from any other shirt service in the UK.

Want to experience this excellent service for yourself? Call us today to find out more. 

Hand finished cleaning and pressing - the finest shirt service in all the world!

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