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Exceptional Garments

Require exceptional care

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your cherished clothing

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Always look your best


Special Garments & Gowns

Keep your garments as perfect as your memories. 

Every woman has 'that dress'. Whether it's a bridesmaid's dress, a prom dress or just a very expensive designer number, at Granada Dry Cleaners we know that when it comes to dry cleaning, only the very highest standard is acceptable for such a dress.

We work on designer garments every day at Granada Dry Cleaners, so you can be assured that your special garments are in expert hands. 

Special Garments

It could be that your specialist garments have been passed down through family, and as a special heirloom, these garments need the utmost care and attention in order to be properly preserved. 

Granada Dry Cleaners have all the necessary knowledge and experience needed to clean, restore and preserve your most special garments and gowns. You should never trust any old dry cleaner with such expensive and sentimental items. Come to Granada Dry Cleaners instead - your garments will be in expert hands. 


Exceptional garments require exceptional care. Granada Dry Cleaners has the experience to clean, restore and preserve your cherished clothing.